Our microbrewery team, led by Head Brewer Ricky Carr, brew several times every week.

The actual brewing process involving mashing, sparging, boiling, fermenting and conditioning takes several days from start to finish.

The team constantly check on each brew to ensure consistency with every batch of beer produced.


Brewery Gift Ideas

We have a great range of gifts for you to pick up or pre-order.
• Beer Gift Boxes made up of 3, 4, or 6 cans
• A case of 12 cans
• Glass growler filled with your choice of beer or a growler refill
• A four-pint pouch
• Party Boxes which include 18 & 36 pint bag-in-box options (pre ordered)
• A full cask of 72 pints (pre ordered)

Brewing a range

Pale Ale to Stout




We brew a core range of real ales, each with its own distinctive taste and characteristics; from our most popular Daggers Ale, 4.1%, through to our Award Winning, Daggers Black 4.5% stout.

The brewing team also produces seasonal and celebration ales such as our lightly spiced Winter Ale or our Ethandun 878 – named after the date of the Battle of Edington which took place in May 878 AD.

The details

Est. 2013


Housed in the same oak timber barn-style building as Three Daggers Farm Shop, the Three Daggers Brewery opened in April 2013.

Set up with immaculate stainless steel and oak clad 2.5 barrel system and 8 fermenter tanks, one brew can produce 9 firkins, the equivalent of almost 650 pints of real ale.

As well as providing our pub and farm shop with beer, we sell and deliver to pubs, taprooms & farm shops throughout the South West and in London on a wholesale basis.

Join us


Not just a Brewery. When we’re not brewing we transform the area into an incredible space for parties and events. Hire it for a wedding reception, Birthday party, Christening celebration, working corporate lunch, or staff party.

Our Beers

Daggers Ale – Best Bitter

Made from floor-malted Maris Otter barley from Warminster Maltings and First Gold hops. A bright, golden amber-coloured beer with a gentle bitterness.
Aroma – Fruity, Pear Drops, Hoppy
Flavour – Malty, Toasted
Colour – Amber
ABV – 4.1%


Daggers Edge – Premium Bitter

Golden amber in colour, brewed with Maris Otter malt, First Gold is used in the bittering and the floral, citrus, Slovenian hop, Styrian Dragon is used for the aroma.
Aroma – Floral, Fruity, Citrus
Flavour – Orange, Biscuity
Colour – Light Amber
ABV 4.7%


Ethandun 878 – Ruby

Ruby red in colour, a beer inspired by King Alfred’s victory at the Battle of Edington in 878, the very spot where we brew our ales.  This dark red ale has a complex malt character with the gentle aroma of Citra Hops.
Aroma – Fruity
Flavour – Toffee and Caramel
Colour – Ruby Red
ABV 4.3%

Daggers Blonde – Pale Ale

Brewed with a combination of Pale ale and Munich malt and German Tradition & Perle hops.
This is a light refreshing ale with a gentle bitterness and floral aroma.
Aroma – Fresh, Hoppy
Flavour – Clean Citrus
Colour – Pale Gold
ABV – 3.6%


Daggers Black – Stout

Premium stout brewed with flaked and roasted barley and First Gold hops.
Aroma – Cocoa, Chocolate
Flavour – Smooth Bitterness
Colour – Black, Red Tint
ABV 4.5%