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Edington Farm Shop is a destination for foodies and shoppers alike.  Housed in a beautiful oak timber frame structure, we present a light-filled space that celebrates the convergence of traditional farm shop and fresh foods café.

Stop by the café for homemade breakfast or lunch, or grab any of our house specialties to take with you.  Seasonally relevant produce, meat, eggs, bread, wines, cheeses and other staples are available year round.   We also provide an assortment of distinct locally and regionally sourced goods.  These goods range from farm fresh food products to the handcrafted work of area artists and artisans, including the classically-styled ales from Three Daggers Brewery team.

Our store carries gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan products.  Gift certificates and customizable gift baskets are also available.

Our Produce


Located less than a mile from the farm shop is Priory Farm. It’s here you’ll find a dedicated team of enthusiasts working on two acres growing  pristine fruits, vegetables, herbs and salads.  Fertilising only with green manures, Priory Farm runs a pesticide and insecticide free system, and selects from heritage and innovative seed lists for delicious results.


Priory Farm is home to a happy brood of chickens, a swarm of bees producing lovely local honey, apple orchards, and an amazing array of flower beds. Eggs are delivered straight to the kitchens. Pure honey is drizzled into jars, apple juice is pressed and beautiful bunches of flowers are harvested.

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