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We feel extremely fortunate to have Edington Farm Shop. Not only is it located in a beautiful oak timber frame structure which is flooded with light, it is packed full of amazing fresh foods and local produce.

What’s more, you can enjoy a coffee made with freshly-ground beans whilst watching our brewing team in action from the viewing area overlooking the Three Daggers Brewery. Or sample our ales which are made metres away downstairs and then decide if you’d like a bottle, a flagon, or even a cask of ale for a special occasion.

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Priory Farm, Edington, Wiltshire

Located less than a mile from the farm shop is Priory Farm. It’s here you’ll find a dedicated team of veg enthusiasts labouring through all weathers on two acres to bring you beautiful fruit, veg and salad. Fertilising only with green manures, we run a pesticide and insecticide free system. We select the best varieties from both heritage and innovative seed lists for attractive and delicious results.


Priory Farm is home to a happy brood of chickens, a swarm of bees producing lovely local honey, apple orchards, and an amazing array of flower beds. Eggs are delivered straight to the kitchens. Pure honey is drizzled into jars, apple juice is pressed and bottled and, together with beautiful bunches of flowers, they are all delivered to the farm shop so that you can enjoy the fruits of our labour.

We are also very proud of our amazing deli counter which is stocked daily with fresh salads, sausage rolls, steak and Daggers Ale pies, tarts, tortes, and cakes to name a few. Everything is made by hand by our team of chefs and using our own produce as much as possible. We even make some of our own bread in house.

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